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Set of photographs taken by Alexander Gardner shortly after Powell's arrest on 17th April 1865.   Several of these photos show Powell looking surly and defiant.  He has bruising to his face and must have been exhausted after 3 days on the run.  HIs expression here is very different from the photos taken a few weeks later on the Ironclad Saugus.
lewside  lewis-powellclose  lewispowellat 
  At around the age of 12 he was kicked in the face by a pet mule.  Bruising to the bottom right lip and left eye  This triptych clearly shows the facial anomalies
of Lewis' jawline.



 This set of photos were taken shortly after his arrest.  
 Note the ball and chain just behind his feet.
 This photo shows Powell wearing the coat he was captured in.
 He found it and swapped it for his own.

  Powell has bruises to his lip on the right side, and what looks like
a impact brusiing to his left eye.
  This could have been sustained after a fall from the one eyed horse
he rode in his escape from Lafayette Square.

lphigres2 lewis-payne22   
  Powell wears the overcoat he attacked Seward in.
  He discarded this coat in an area near Glenwood Cemetery.